Breathing Test

I took a breathing test as a base line.  Since Amiodoran causes side effects that impair lung function, this test will give doctors an indicator of my lung capacity pre-meds. The breathing chamber resembles a space machine. The chamber is glass, I sit in it, and the nurse operating it is sitting outside. We communicate through a speaker. I have to put a mouthpiece and breath through it.  She controls the airflow to the mouth piece.

It is very quiet in the chamber. Almost too quiet. My mind wanders, mostly thinking of Tala and Aboudi; what they’re up to.. who’s taking care of them? when mom isn’t here, she’s with them, so they’re safe.

The test is somewhat uncomfortable.  The fact that I’m in a glass enclosure makes it tolerable. But the breathing apparatus and the tests are tiring.  I can barely take in a breath without wheezing.  Not sure how much worse my lungs can get.. but I guess the doctors know what they need to do.


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