Bus Ride

Reunited, the team hopped on the bus and drove in the night to the Pine Lodge Resort. Along the way, Jackie began showing signs of bladder control problems; the bus had to make an emergency stop to prevent an embarrassing situation for the GSSS.

As Souheil practiced shooting his camera with 1 ton of accessories around his neck, Nick took the opportunity to practice posing for the camera; posing became Nick’s trademark for the duration of the trip.

Rambo practiced some Thai boxing to use against any headhunters that might pop out of the bushes. Mahmoud was making muffled noises, yet no one could understand what he was saying because his face was behind the video camera he acquired for the trip.

While Iva and Rana reapplied their makeup, Nirmala and Rama bonded over as they admired some miniature bananas hanging from a street side vendor’s hut. Ali and Hussein were beginning to think of escape plans as they realized they were indeed the only sane members of the team.


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