one season, one closet!

When I moved to Dubai I had 1 suitcase. The rest of my clothes would arrive a few weeks later by sea freight. The few weeks, ended up being two months. The content of that one suitcase worked wonders. I found myself knowing exactly what to wear every day. I had to be creative in accessorizing the few outfits I had.

On days when I stand gazing at my closet thinking “I can’t figure out what to wear”, I wish I was back to that one suitcase. Despite having given away all my winter clothes, and a suitcase of clothes every year, I still have too many options…

  • 79 tops (Tees, Dress shirts etc)
  • 12 skirts
  • 26 pants
  • 25 dresses
  • 17 cardigans
  • 28 pairs of shoes

Who needs that many outfits. Why do we accumulate so much? There are outfits I haven’t worn in over a year.  I don’t know why I hold on to them.

And so, clothes must go.  I called in the experts, my daughter Tala and sister Nawara.  They give great advice on everything!  In 30 minutes, I was down to:

  • 46 Tops
  • 5 skirts
  • 16 pairs of pants
  • 20 dresses
  • 15 cardigans
  • 18 pairs of shoes

That’s still a lot! I will have another round or two.  Today, we emptied one closet, and three remain full.  By summer’s end, I plan to have one closet left. One season, one closet.

Any suggestions on who should get the clothes?


One thought on “one season, one closet!

  1. Remember the metal clothes bins they had around town in DC for people who wanted to donate their clothes…how about starting a project like that in Dubai? You’ll need to find an organization who would take the clothes and then different companies like clothing stores could sponsor the bins.

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