socializing business – where social cause meets social media

I believe that every business must go social. The benefits are too great to ignore.  Over the past five years I’ve worked with many aspiring social entrepreneurs and interacted with accomplished ones.  While I’m very passionate about GOOD business, it isn’t the only kind of social I advocate.

Socializing business is identifying the processes that can benefit from the power of the collective and socializing those business processes; in so doing, the business grows exponentially. Nothing enables that more than the social web.

A few years ago I set out looking for business models to support social entrepreneurs and this is what I arrived at:

Socializing Business
Socializing Business
  1. A methodology borrowed from Open Source & the most successful social institutions in history: Religious Institutions.
  2. A broader focus on the entrepreneur’s character and life story rather than on his/her professional achievements alone.
  3. Putting a spot light on the business values and engaging stakeholders in conversations about them to hold the business accountable to them.
  4. Socializing the business core values and targets through relevant social media channels.

More to follow on the model in future posts..

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